Q&A: Charieti

What’s your role at 5 & Rise, and how do you contribute to the team’s success?
My role is a Doer/Content Manager. I contribute to the team’s success by doing and scheduling organic content, editing videos for socials, and generating ideas for our weekly Newsletter.

What inspired you to pursue a career in marketing/advertising?
I was drawn to marketing/advertising because I love the creative aspect of crafting content and design. However, what truly inspires me is the constant opportunity to learn and improve my skills.

How do you stay updated with the latest industry trends?
By browsing industry news and articles shared on social media platforms.

What tools or apps are essential to your daily work?
Canva, Simplified Social Hub, Capcut, Google Workspace, Chat GPT.

What’s your favorite way to start the morning before diving into work?
Listening to my favorite music.

If you had an extra hour of free time every day, how would you use it?
Spend it with my son, maybe play with him, or just hug him for the entire hour.

What’s one destination you’ve always wanted to visit, and why?
South Korea, because I love eating Korean foods and watching Korean dramas.

What’s your go-to comfort food?

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or deceased, who would it be?
My father.

Do you have any pets? Can you share a funny or endearing story about them?
No, I don’t have.

If you had to choose only three apps to have on your phone, which ones would they be?
Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram.

Describe your perfect day off. What does it look like from morning to night?
My perfect day off begins with waking up to the sound of rain outside. I cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate and make breakfast for my son. After that, I’ll do the household chores, to make my day productive, then in the afternoon, I’ll take my son out for a walk in the park. Back home, we would enjoy a simple family dinner.

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