Our Story

"What you aren't changing, you are choosing....let's grow!"

Our founder and principal consultant, Jennifer White, has a 25+ year career in marketing and has held senior marketing leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-size companies, and ownership in a real estate marketing agency.

She’s launched dozens of products and services, recruited and mentored teams, built and managed tech stacks, and developed the mission, vision, brand identity and lead gen programs from the ground up for hundreds of companie. 

As the landscape has changed over the last couple of years, she realized that startups and SMB’s need a more holistic marketing approach to growth and marketing. One that requires equal emphasis  on Branding, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and RevOps. 

Welcome to 5 & Rise Marketing!

Our team is your team. Lets elevate brand awareness and ignite growth.