We Elevate Brand Awareness
& Ignite Growth

Buddhist symbol for the acquisition of knowledge and a Chinese symbol of good fortune and longevity.
We take a holistic approach.

We view revenue growth from a holistic perspective encompassing equal emphasis on 
Branding, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and RevOps.

Roadmap to Growth

A go-to-market [GTM] and brand strategy to set you up for success.


Alignment between sales, marketing, and customer success.

Content + Design

An essential role in the customer journey and your own brand story.

Marketing Automation

The right tools make all the difference.

Digital Marketing

Full-funnel campaigns that expand your reach and nurture prospects.

Customer Success

Don’t stop after the sale.

5 & Rise Process

Our holistic process works to build a plan and roadmap of opportunity, strategy,
and action around each step in the RISE Growth System. 

What Our Clients Have To Say

We get to work with some of the best people and are thankful for that!

"5 & Rise Marketing has been a fantastic partner for B2B tech firms looking to scale their marketing efforts. I've hired their team multiple times for different companies, always with great results."

Arslan VP, Product Development

Jennifer is one of the best demand-generation strategists and HubSpot partners I've worked with. I've brought her in to consult at several companies that I've worked with. I can't recommend her and the 5 & Rise team enough.

Haidee Hanna Sr. VP Marketing, Sensi.AI

We worked with 4 different agencies before we met Jennifer and her team. By far, they are the best and have been instrumental in building our brand and growing our company.

William Mulkey CEO/Founder, TR Wealth Management

The team at 5 & Rise always does a phenomenal job and what they have done for my business has been well worth the investment.

Brad Niccum Owner, Nest Mortgage Group

Jennifer and her team do a great job at building brands, creating awareness, and growing businesses. My business has grown exponentially with the help of its strategic planning, lead generation, and social media management.

Carrie Holle Owner, Carrie Holle Group

Jennifer and her team have built and managed our website, marketing, and social media. It has been a game changer in helping us build and grow our brand - taking us from pop-up shops to ecommerce to storefronts.

Heidi + Gretchen Owners, Hoosier Sister Brands

Our team is your team. Lets elevate brand awareness and ignite growth.

We Work With Some Amazing Clients